Bookkeeping Services

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Extended Bookkeeping Services

Extended Bookkeeping Services

Starting at $675/month

Advanced accounting support.

***Everything in standard bookkeeping weekly is included plus:

  • Accrual accounting
  • Bill pay
  • Class tracking
  • Collections
  • Invoicing
  • Receipt management
  • Receivables
  • Sales tax
Quickbooks Consultation Services


1 hour Zoom


Need a few questions answered or want to learn about something specific?

Use this meeting invite for us to have a working session to solve accounting and bookkeeping issues under consultation. There is so much I can do in one hour!

Don’t see what your looking for? Contact us to see if we can help.

QuickBooks Online Subscriptions

15% OFF

Versus going directly to QuickBooks for your online bookkeeping software subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to have financials delivered for review by the 15th business day of the month and fully closed for reporting purposes by the 21st.

The biggest difference between the quarterly and monthly packages is the timing of financial delivery. Quarterly ($85 per month) means you’ll receive your financials quarterly.

The biggest difference between the monthly and weekly packages is timing (your books are updated weekly) and you receive a monthly trends analysis report.

$250 is a monthly package where books are cleaned, reviewed, reconciled, and provided monthly. Unlimited email support with responses aiming between 24–48 hours (2 business days) – generally the 2 business day rule applies, with anything received after 3 pm being answered by noon on the third day. The main role here is QuickBooks reconciliation and maintenance. You’re always tax-ready at the end of the year or when your tax accountant, banker, or investors need something.

$475 is where books are cleaned, and reviewed weekly, then reconciled and presented monthly. Unlimited email support with PRIORITY response aiming between 8–24 hours. Anything received after 3 pm is answered by the end of the next day.

Other items with this weekly bookkeeping package include:

  • Weekly account reconciliation
  • Weekly accounts payable reporting
  • Weekly accounts receivable reporting
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Unlimited bank and credit card accounts

Anything beyond that is usually customized based on what the business owner needs.

Most extended accounting packages start at $650, and we become an extension of your company. We usually receive an email alias and have direct contact with vendors, customers, employees, etc.

This package also includes accrual accounting, which is required for C-Corps that have investors. Because there is a heavier financial package requirement, along with accrual accounting, it falls into that extended accounting package.

We aim to respond to inquiries within 24 business hours. 48 hours on confirmations or lower priority. If you have something that is HIGH, please add that to the subject line for us to take notice. The packages play a role in how quickly responses are received.

10 and growing. We believe in two sets of eyes on everything, so we staff reviewers whose only job is to review and make sure nothing is missed or incorrectly entered.

We may work as a team, but Janiece is still your point of contact.

If you’re not getting an answer after emailing support, then you can feel free to contact her directly below:

Janiece Rice
(m) 520-276-8275

Our billing is set up in a convenient subscription model using reliable merchant’s PayPal and Stripe. There is no long-term contract and you can cancel at any time.

What Our Clients Say:

Janiece has a lot of experience with nonprofit accounting and QuickBooks. She heled us transition smoothly from desktop QB to online QB. We were going through a transition with our partnership with the city and she was able to work with us through it, all the while being cheerful, informative and flexible. She is always timely with reports, asks questions for clarity and keeps track of complexities like grant records so that we are always in compliance. Janiece is a professional and works with several of our staff and board members They all love her!

Idea Museum

I highly recommend, Janiece and YAME Consulting. She initially helped me transition my nonprofit bookkeeping from an Excel worksheet format to QuickBooks, fixing a mess created by another accountant. Since then she has assisted us in maintaining clean, organized books in QB, while remaining compliant. I have complete confidence in her. She has been a great extension to our team.

Jackie Z.

Janiece and her team are amazing. She worked with me to develop a custom report for my small business. She watches out for little issues and is super pro-active. Great to work with.

Alex Sinunu

Love everything about working with YAME Consulting and Janiece! She was so quick to help me clean up my books and get 1099's ready for the year. Such an easy process to get started and she has made every interaction so quick and simple for me when doing it myself felt so overwhelming. Best business decision was hiring out the bookkeeping this year!

Megan Good

Highly Recommend!!! Excellent experience!!! Over the years we have used a number of bookkeepers and YAME Consulting LLC and Janiece are clearly a step above. Books are accurate, she is organized, and responsive. She is so much more than a bookkeeper and I consider her part of our team. She helped us migrate from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks online and made it so simple. We couldn't be happier with the service.

Christopher Coriano

Janiece is the third bookkeeper we have had in the past 2 years. She is a keeper! She is knowledgeable, and stays abreast on current tax events and its evolving landscape. She understands how small businesses work, and knows what they need. She is adaptive and flexible, and can move with the small businesses' ever-changing needs. We're glad we found Janiece and work with her to manage our books and provide financial advice.

Vincent Serpico

Janiece is fantastic to work with! She answers the phone every time I call, is super prompt and informative in her communication, and is able to create custom systems to streamline out accounting and bookkeeping tasks. I highly recommend her services as an integral part of working on your business not in your business! lacunakavabar


"Our initial experience with Janiece was when my professional services business was in a crisis after a bad hire quit unexpectedly, leaving a huge mess. Janiece walked in calmly to this disaster and tackled it with urgency, professionalism, and efficiency. She got up to speed very quickly with our business and was agile enough to adapt to our atypical business model. Within a short period of time, we were out of crisis. Since that time (approx 3 years), Janiece has been an integral part of our team. she has completely restructured our financial management, reducing errors, improving efficiency, increasing profit margins, increasing transparency, and increasing my confidence. As a well trained accountant, Janiece is extremely competent, trustworthy, knowledgeable, reliable, meticulous. Beyond those "technical" capabilities, I love that Janiece is committed, agile, positive, and passionate. Finally Janiece fits our team because of her growth mindset. A perfect example is PPP. She dug into every detail and was on top of all of the twists and turns of this unprecedented government program and optimized our participation in the program. With this growth mindset, Janiece is constantly uncovering learnings and finding ways we can do better, be more efficient, reduce errors, and more. I can't recommend her more highly."


"Janiece really knows QuickBooks, Accounting, and Bookkeeping. I've worked with her for over 5 years now and things just "get done" without me having to even think about them. My tax accountant loves her because everything is so clean. Working with Janiece is like having your own support person for any random question you have. She's timely and has a way of explaining things so I understand what's going on with my business. Highly recommended!"

F. Johnson

"Janiece is such a pleasure to work with. From day one she asked great questions and pointed me on the right track. She has organized my books, checks in regularly, and has recently helped with a simplified business report that is helping me grow my business. Can't imagine a better help on these matters."

Alex S.

"What a great help! She helped me get my personal and business books squared away before tax time."

Noah R.

"Janiece and her services have been a blessing for me and my business. She helped me get my books up to date, migrate from Quickbooks desktop to Quickbooks online, get my accounts integrated with QBs and helped me set up and refine my chart of accounts. I have used a number of bookkeepers over the years and she is by far the best. She is extremely responsive, informative, efficient and an overall pleasure to work with. She is a great listener and helps educate you on best practices. Janiece has saved me time, money and I can now see my numbers in real time. My accounting and bookkeeping has always been a pain point and frustration but not anymore. Do yourself a favor and give her a call you will not be disappointed."

Coriano Insurance

"Janiece has been the third of 3 accounts / bookkeepers we have hired in a year. The first two were good, but she is head and shoulders above them all. Firstly, she knows accounting, bookkeeping, and QB very well - she knows her stuff. Second, and maybe even more important, she really understands small business. In other words, it's not enough to know the technical details of accounting, but to really be a good accountant, you need to know how small businesses operate from a practical and instinctual level. When COVID hit, she immediately made changes that helped us save money - she understands the needs of small business owners. We're happy to be working with Janiece and look forward to our continued relationship."


"Janiece came on at a t time when our accounting books were in a shambles. She quickly started a review of our financials and began turning statements into P&L statements, balance sheets and reportable information out of QuickBooks. During the last 4 months of working with Janiece she has always been available by phone or email to talk about any issue and is eager to find a way to help solve the problem. I’ve been using YAME Consulting since February and plan to do so well into the future. If you need someone to help you get your accounting under control – Janiece is the right person to ask for help with your bookkeeping. 5 Stars!"

Alex Isele

"Janiece has been a gift that I am truly grateful for. She has helped get me set up with Quickbooks and has trained me to use it properly. It has saved me years of learning by having her teach me the processes that work and has made it so much easier than i would have thought to manage the financial component of my business. She has been more helpful than i could have imagined."

Andrew B.

"Our small nonprofit organization had gone through a couple of volunteer accountants and a paid freelancer prior to finding Janiece. She has been so easy to work with, very knowledgable, responsive and dependable. We'd transitioned to QB prior, but needed some assistance with cleaning up the work that had been previously done. Janiece reconciled everything in a better than expected time frame. I feel completely confident in the reporting that I am providing to my board and that our books are in tip top shape."

MPACT for Mankind

"It's been a pleasure to work with Janiece. She's very accessible in the methods that work best for our team and using modern tools, unlike many other outdated accountants out there. She knows what she's doing - we get to the point advice, she thinks ahead and is a quick thinker. I can definitely recommend her to anyone looking for strong support in their accounting."


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